July 2020
Add Video Thumbnail
Canva Video Edit
Portrait Alteration | Store Item No.20
45min. Youtube How-To Real Estate Training Video
‘Another One Bites The Dust’ Music Video
1hr World’s Greatest TV B-Roll
World’s Greatest TV All-Day Video Shoot

June 2020
Merge Two Videos Into One
Mass HDR Real Estate Photos | Store Item No.05
Convert 8 Videos to Audio Podcasts
Photo Alteration/Manipulation | Store Item No.20
1-On-1 Video Editing Training Zoom Call
Boy Scouts Photo Slideshow | Store Item No.12
Queens NY Kids’ Music Video
Youtube Series 1-Minute Instagram Trailer
YouTube Series – Stop Smoking Video
YouTube Series – Free Diet IQ
Using Zoom For Real Estate – How-To Video
Creating and Optimizing Your Facebook Page For Realtors Video
The Secret to Facebook Posts For Realtors Video
Instructional Video
Free Diet IQ Lander Video
Add Branding To Video Course
Free Diet IQ Video Promo Video
Add Branding to 7 Course Videos
T-Roy Music Promo Film
Old Photo Restoration | Store Item No.04
Online Course Title Alteration
Training Video Branding
Convert Video to Audio Podcast

May 2020
5 Videos to Audio Podcasts Conversion
7 How-To Videos
Mihu Orders Promo Video
Straight Talk-What’s the Best-Veggie Cap or Gelatin? Video
Straight Talk-What’s the Best Way to Have More Energy? Video
Straight Talk-Two Of The Most Harmful Chemicals in Sunblock Video
Online Course Promotional Video
Book Promotional Video
Straight Talk -Warding Off Cancer Video
1-Hour 1ON1 Training Call via Zoom
Kinetic Text Social Media/Instagram Ad
PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator Video
Father’s Day Ideas For Realtors Video
Youtube Channel Content Management
Alter 2 PDF Documents
Coaching Testimonial Video via Zoom
The ‘Five Course’ Testimonial Video
The Best Real Estate Coach Tips for Coming Out of Covid Video
Hebraic Children’s Family Video
The Coronavirus Real Estate Impact – COVID-19’s effect on the Real Estate Industry Video
Promoting Virtual Broker Open Houses using Social Media Video
New Realtor Tips: The First Steps for a Newly Licensed Real Estate Agent Video
Virtual Real Estate Listings – How REALTORS Conduct Virtual Consultations Video
How to Overcome FSBO Listing Presentation Objections Video
66min. Zoom Meeting Video
7 Graduation Photos | Store Item No.01
Virtual Client Event Ideas Video
PGC Glass Manufacturing 30s Video
Robyn’s Listing Presentation Video
Video to Audio Podcast Conversion
Vyral Marketing Video With CEO Frank Klesitz

April 2020
Stability & Opportunity Podcast Edit
5 Videos to Audio Podcasts.
Client Event Mastermind Video
Expired Listing Presentations – How to Conduct Virtual Consultations Video
5 Videos to Audio Podcasts.
How Buyers Can View Your Home Without Coming Inside Video
Visalia Strong Video
Pacific Glass Concepts 30 Second Ad
Realtor Video Ideas for Social Media Video
Real Estate Buyer Presentation – The Virtual Consultation Process Video
How to Build a Real Estate Team that Lasts Video
PGC Glass Manufacturing Promo Video
Real Estate Farming Ideas to Farm an Entire City Video
Real Estate Press Release Ideas & Templates Video
Ulla Wobst 50 Minute Interview/Documentary
9 Environmental Training Videos
The Rockwell Group TV Segment
‘The Future of Real Estate is Now’ Video
Pivot Series #5 – Get Your Real Estate Systems Automated Video
Pivot Series #4 – Realtor Video Conferencing Techniques Video
Pivot Series #3 – The Best Real Estate Marketing Videos for Agents Video
Pivot Series #2 – Social Media for Realtors when the Market Turns Video
PIVOT #1 – Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence in a Changing Market Video
56 Environmental Training Video Edits – Environmental Training Inc
‘Show Safely Sets’ Video – The Jillian Bos Team
Ulla Wobst Promotional Photos
Ulla Wobst Artist Promotional B-roll Clips
Youtube Channel Management
COVID 19 Disaster Relief Programs for Realtors

March 2020
Youtube Channel Management – Upload Videos, Add Tags, Cards and End Screens
Real Estate Agent Roundtable Townhall Meeting
Listing Homes in Lockdown: The Virtual Listing Process in the COVID-19 Pandemic Video
A Lead Generation Plan For Realtors in The Covid-19 Crisis Video
Selling Shelter in Place with the No 1 Team in San Francisco Video
6 Key Elements for Surviving a Recession Video
How Realtors Can Manage Expenses Video
Real Estate Video Conferencing Best Practices Video
Better Homes and Gardens: Stars Shine Video
Microcontent Video
How Realtors Conduct Virtual Showings Video
Coronavirus Themed Youtube Video 4
Coronavirus Themed Youtube Video 3
Coronavirus IGTV Video 2
Coronavirus Themed Youtube Video 2
COVID-19’s Impact IGTV Video
Coronavirus COVID-19’s Impact Youtube Video
1 FB/IG Microcontent Video
Monthly Webinar Youtube Edit
The Forge Irish Pub Testimonial Video Shoot
Video Course Word Correction
1 Microcontent Video
1 Microcontent Video
10 Youtube & Course Videos

February 2020 Production Schedule
10 Youtube Videos
1 Microcontent Video
Webinar Edit – 40min Video
3 Speaking Event Client Testimonials
Orlando World Center Conference Photos
Top Producer Promo Video
Social Media Microcontent Videos

January 2020 Production Schedule
23 10min. Youtube Training Videos
Client Events Promo Video
45-minute Monthly Webinar Edit
Real Estate Youtube Videos – 7 Videos
ICC Pismo Marketing Videos
Warehouse Arts District Ulla Shoot